The artist is involved in every step of the the process in bringing these paintings to you.  All Original works are designed and created by the artist!  Looking for a well-crafted very limited edition print?  The artist has made her work available in limited quantities by limiting the editions!  Inventories are low and made as they go.  Hand painted with details over the giclee print, hand embellished, hand numbered, hand signed with great care, you get it straight from the artist.  Everything is processed with great care directly from the artist - to you!  See a print and want the original?  Some are still available!  Or want a special order?  The artist can do that too!    

Paintings and Artwork for Sale

New products are coming soon!

Please note:  Some of these limited editions may have the originals available.   When ordering customized work (original unpublished special orders), or if an item is out of stock, please allow two additional weeks for back order, fulfillment, and shipping.   Altered paintings for semi-custom/semi-original (such as changing the likeness of a character or adding pets, jewelry details, etc. to the giclee prints  may take 1-3 extra days before shipping.  Contact the artist for more information and pricing.